Se Habla Español

A few years ago, I was asked to perform a show entirely in Spanish. What I hadn’t fully realized was my Spanish at the time wasn’t 100% accurate. If you’re a 2nd generation mexican like I am, you might understand my situation. In my case, I would use 60-70% spanish and 30% mixed up words like parkea la troka. We call this Spanglish. This was due to my lack of intent to correctly learn the spanish language. Needless to say, I did just ok performing for spanish audiences sometimes but very rarely felt I did a great job. But everytime I did perform, I saw it as an opportunity to grow and step out of my comfort zone. Tonight I was asked by my older sister to perform at her and my brother in laws company christmas party at restaurant in Cerritos called Frida. I was hired to perform a magic show and announce the numbers for the raffle prizes at the end. I didn’t realize the majority of the audience only spoke spanish until I got there. Well…I did the show, handed out the prizes, packed my stuff and said good night thinking I did just okay again. But as I walked out, I got a sincere response from everyone that said great job! Then someone from the audience asked for an autograph like he really enjoyed the show or probably thought I was Micheal Peña. In any case, that really made my night and let me realize how glad I am to have stepped out of my comfort zone many years ago. I’ve come a long way. I’ve still got a lot of work to do though.
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LAPD Holiday Party City Hall

It was a pleasure performing at the 27th floor of the LAPD holiday party. We parked underground, rode 5 different elevators, answered the ferrymans 3 riddles which allowed us to cross the bridge and walk up a flight of steps that led us into a beautiful room at the top of City Hall overlooking all of Downtown Los Angeles. The microphone was attached to the podium and there was no spotlight but we made it work. #Comedy #Magic #GreatCrowd

Close up Halloween Magic

It was two weeks before Halloween night. I was asked to perform close-up strolling Magic for friends and Neighbors at a Halloween party for adults. I was originally asked to perform for only one hour. But when the clan saw the laughter coming out of every group, I was asked to stay an extra hour. A good time was had by all.

Patricia’s 50th birthday party

It’s always nice when you get invited to perform at somebody’s 50th birthday party it’s even nicer when those people who invited you are the ones who have been supporting you from the very beginning. I would like to thank both John and Patricia for having me perform at Patricia’s 50th birthday party. The place was packed full of love, friends and family. Located inside of Geezers restaurant in Santa Fe, California. The Italian food was laid out and the drinks we’re in hand. So glad I could add the laughter to their wonderful night. Cheers!


The other day, I met this little boy who was sitting down quietly watching youtube videos on his iphone when his dad asked him if he would like to see me do a magic trick. Intrigued, he lifted his head, removed his earphones and put away his iphone. I ripped a napkin in two pieces, balled them up and proceeded to wow him. Magic through the eyes of a child.
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Mentoring the Youth

I’ve never mentored an individual before, nor have I ever been asked to for that matter. Quite honestly I used to think I had nothing to teach. So when a dear friend asked if I could give some advice to a beginning magician I saw it as an opportunity to step into uncharted territory. What I thought was going to be a 30 to 45 minute magic course at the park became a two and a half hour lesson on everything I’ve done wrong and everything I’ve done right. I got to know this kid very well. His accomplishments, his worries and his aspirations in Magic. Keep in mind, I never had a magic teacher, not that it’s a bad thing but having someone give honest advice from the start might have been a very helpful. I shared with him the stories of my encounters while street performing, travelling to other states for gigs and even that one time I sat down cried in the streets of Santa Monica when I first started. He listened intently. The one thing I remember saying to him was, “Get the audience interested in who YOU are. YOU are the magic, not the deck of cards in your hand, YOU…Oh and practice a lot.” So here’s to you Adrian, I’m wishing this kid all of the luck in the world and I can’t wait to see him on stage for the first time.