What If This Chicken Never Crossed the Road

I remember when I 1st began street performing at Santa Monica promenade, through the struggles of gathering the crowd making and getting an honest donation. I learned a whole lot about being likable and still being myself.
After a few successful shows, I thought I was in the right track until I overheard that a childhood “friend” said some seriously negative things about my aspirations in entertainment to another friend. At the time, it really affected me. How could this person wait till I wasn’t around & then say this not to me but to other people around me? Then I realized they were teaching me a valuable lesson, “You can’t please everybody”. So Cliché but so true. After this realisatiion, I began to focus on performing for people who were interested in watching me perform rather than focus on trying to please those who didn’t. As a result, my crowds grew bigger & suddenly I was booking more private work and I received my 1st $100 tip while street performing in Huntington Beach.
Since then I’ve been privileged to perform regularly all across the L.A. Comedy Club scene, met some fantastic individuals, traveled across country and even opened for a band I’ve listened to since my childhood. I really wanna thank this person for opening my eyes and teaching me a valuable lesson. If not for them, I’d still be the gullible little ox I was once. lol. What does the future have in store for me? I don’t know.. but I’m sure ready for anything that comes my way…
Thanks for reading. 🙂