When the Audience says Go Away

Last night, while standing beside a concert stage on the USS Iowa Battleship waiting to perform for a jam packed and amped out crowd of both retired and active american troops celebrating Labor Day with the USO. About to follow a KISS cover band that was crushing it. Their closing number was a sing along called, “I wanna rock and roll all night!” The lead singer grabbed the mic and yelled, “Thank you San Pedro! Good night!” Somebody in the crowd yelled, “Two more songs!” then everybody started chanting it. The Emcee went up and said, “Sorry folks but we’ve got to keep the show going…Your next act is a comedian and a magician”. A few people started to Boo, then somebody yelled, “Kill the comedian!” and that was my introduction. The next 15 minutes that followed were what I consider to be Magic. I had to convince them to stay, watch and cheer to keep the show going for the next band. Where some might consider it work, I consider it doing what I love. Winning over an audience is not easy but I learned long ago, to show no fear, go up there with a lot of charisma and have fun. I’m honestly not sure when I got them on my side but in the end, I had everybody chanting “Thegreatomar…dot com!” As I walked off stage feeling like a rockstar…and that’s my battleship labor day story.