A few years ago, I was asked to perform a show entirely in Spanish. What I hadn’t fully realized was my Spanish at the time wasn’t 100% accurate. If you’re a 2nd generation mexican like I am, you might understand my situation. In my case, I would use 60-70% spanish and 30% mixed up words like parkea la troka. We call this Spanglish. This was due to my lack of intent to correctly learn the spanish language. Needless to say, I did just ok performing for spanish audiences sometimes but very rarely felt I did a great job. But everytime I did perform, I saw it as an opportunity to grow and step out of my comfort zone. Tonight I was asked by my older sister to perform at her and my brother in laws company christmas party at restaurant in Cerritos called Frida. I was hired to perform a magic show and announce the numbers for the raffle prizes at the end. I didn’t realize the majority of the audience only spoke spanish until I got there. Well…I did the show, handed out the prizes, packed my stuff and said good night thinking I did just okay again. But as I walked out, I got a sincere response from everyone that said great job! Then someone from the audience asked for an autograph like he really enjoyed the show or probably thought I was Micheal Peña. In any case, that really made my night and let me realize how glad I am to have stepped out of my comfort zone many years ago. I’ve come a long way. I’ve still got a lot of work to do though.
#TheGreatOmar #SeHablaEspañol

Se Habla Español

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