Sometimes I wonder what my place in the universe is. It happens everytime I walk out of my car & step into a room full of people I was hired to entertain for an hour. These are people who walked into that party for a different reason. Wether it’s a company dinner or a parents anniversary, they’ll glance at me for a second then continue to scan the room. Quite often they’ll show some interest when I approach them. That’s why It’s up to me to make a good first impression before I go into a routine. A quick introduction & a witty joke always breaks the ice. 5 minutes later I’ll walk away from that group and see the change in the mood. The disbelief, intrigue and laughter they project is my addiction. Then onto the next group. After an hour I’ll walk over to the host, say thank you and good night. As I walk out of the venue, people usually wave goodbye. I know what my place in the universe is, at least for now. I’m the Ice Breaker.

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I’m the Ice Breaker

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