Point me to the audience!

Just tell me where the crowd is and I will make them laugh. Sometimes you see people just standing there or sitting down on their table looking for something fun to do. That’s usually when I like to swoop in and offer them a few moments of Mystery and laughter. I usually start off the conversation by walking up to them and mentioning that I was sent by somebody on the other side of the room to entertain them because they were the fun table. Because the energy is so low they’ll start laughing realizing this is probably not the funnest table in the party… Yet! But as soon as I walk away oh, I see a change in the energy which helps the rest of the party out. It’s always nice to be part of the fun.

Here I was performing inside of the Edison bar located in downtown Los Angeles. It’s an upscale 1930s era Style venue where everyone has to dress up in suits and cocktail dresses. I was hired to perform close up walk around Magic followed by a stage show.

Do you think you’ve made it yet?

It’s very common for a layman to ask an entertainer, “Do you think you’ve made it yet?” This is a fair question to ask somebody in my profession and it has me scrolling through old hard drive images. This is a picture of me taken back in February of 2015. I’m standing above one of the Minneapolis Convention Center 1,000 seat stages. Although my name’s not being promoted on any marquee, that day my job was host a 2 hour show for a national group of college students in an effort to promote my act and hopefully book some high paying work across the country. To make this happen, I invested nearly a thousand dollars from previous private show earnings to be able to pay for this opportunity. This included submission fees, travel and time away from seeking local bookings. This was quite a gamble for me to make due to the chance of me either not being a good act or not fitting into the energy of the show. But I took a few pre-show deep breaths, did some shadow boxing, went onstage and received a great response. A bunch of the students that loved the show asked to take pictures with me afterward. I booked at least a dozen university gigs and made back the money I’d invested. That year I matched what I make at my full time job and have performed on huge stages like this numerous times ever since. I honestly don’t know what, “making it” means to anybody else but I often wake up happy that I’ve made it this far. Today I’m still working a full time and still love travelling and performing for some great audiences. Sometimes large, sometimes small. But loving it nonetheless. This question has me focusing on the next plateau. I’ll be travelling to Chicago in a few months, let’s see where that leads next. Thanks for reading. Until then, #StayHumble #TakeChances #SlowAndSteadyWinsTheRace #EnjoyEachAndEveryMoment